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tv   Heart of the Nation  CSPAN  July 29, 2017 2:05pm-2:16pm EDT

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, and it was a groundswell. there's no question about it immediate coverage of jfk was the first time we had ever seen anything like it. >> will be followed 8:00 by looking at ronald reagan's relationship with pope john paul >> interesting, john paul ii and something cable to reagan when he was chopped, saying, i am praying for you. reagan can touch to the cable dutch the default world's most exclusive prayer society. if they're worried about a between the pope and the president, now they've got to really worry about it. american history tv, weekend, every weekend, on c-span3.
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♪ >> we are flying over washington, capital of the united states. the beautiful city the pride of every american from the cloud from the ground. up about savannah. we saw over the top of the senate and house of representatives office buildings and the congress and alive. branches of the government. and the law going to land the plane an here's a close up of the house office building. mendo their
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heavy thank you and this structure eight representatives as an office and which a government official both in. the senate office building is just across the capitol grounds both buildings are constructed of beautiful white model and are connected with the capitol by underground railway we abandon flights to. families who first knew it as a marshy lane. and not a proud nation is great for the dog of the capital. this magnificent structure found on capitol hill from which to radiate twenty one broad avenue on a stone was laid by washington himself but the building was not fully completed until the end of the civil law. at the top of a ground process of progress in a library where fifty miles of hill all modern american books. out of the wall present a remarkable display of the sculptors off these magnificent figures wrought by a man's hand. to the masterpieces of the world they represented threw him out of going on. and
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it's all i'm a government house and making the voting truly beautiful. only from the. beauty of a fully appreciate next to
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the capitol and the white house this is the most popular public building in washington. is not gold it. is great coated with gold. on one of the new us. it was erected to come emirates the peace. of the world was. flying along front of a new receive the classic treasury building right on. the vaults hold millions upon millions of the nation's wealth a matter. for the ages for the design of the treasury one of the lovely buildings in washington. the treasury was erected on the spot where the forceful andrew jackson a seventy five of them firmly stuck his cane upon the ground to fight. and they did. get. to the white house and across the lawn to the state and rob build a country. of laws. and the want of. five hundred room for adding them together. along. they are two miles long together/ the treasures here include the original copies of the constitution of the united states and the declaration of independence also the armchair in which jefferson wrote for the. state building on the progress of the treasury on the back ground and between them the white house the home of the president. seen after the
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british had partially branded. the roosevelt who gave the lovely structure but still alive. only descriptive names officially. it was the earliest building completed in washington john adams the new dr abigail what's best for. the nearby dupont circle center of a district of magnificent homes and the embassies upon a nation that is honest part of the city now with a melody of a great name for this striking building of grecian designed as the government. records of millions of inventions are kept here. there is a row of law just printing plants and government printing office rivers flowing here mostly under the congressional record and how the congressmen love it. and the drab big building was to measure the crime which shocked the world there in ford lincoln was shot down on that evil april night of eight hundred sixty five. again and we fly over them all now being actively developed into the sweep of beauty dreamed by a planet over a century and a quarter ago on our way rare that sap of the glamour of memory of the past present. and its simple austere beauty the washington monument five hundred fifty five. dominates the land. near the top. over the city held on to over. from the northern end of the mall we see
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the monument down a vista of unforgettable beauty across the lagoon. through another great amount of. the acts that lincoln memorial is the greatest monument ever erected to the memory of one man the great emancipator fittingly each of the thirty six states in
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the union when he died is represented by a dusted the reconstructed land. where then is the suburban statue of the. flanked by a bronze tablet vetting has exalted out of. the spirit of lincoln seems to brood beside the river which so often held anguished thoughts in the house or in years from sixty one to sixty five indeed all is quiet along the potomac. the breadth of a genuine as a memorial to francis got feed off of the thought find obama for he live nearby it leads to. the nation rally. adlington originally was the estate of the gallant robert e. lee mansion now as a national shrine it was from here that he departed to lead his cause. revenant in its beauty stands amidst all the junior seated beside of the country's memorial to it well the rock hill the tomb of the unknown soldier. sixteen miles from the city he founded on the opposite bank of the potomac than mount vernon where the father of his country lived and died and wrote his body lies and whom the nation now holds his home and trust. a modest george washington wanted to call a top of the federal study but the young ones lovingly acknowledged him and gave it his great name whenever and wherever from now on name
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they pay homage to the undying. like a man in the city every man and the first and last but in the hearts of his countrymen.
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♪ quick something that this congresswoman talks about her attempt to protect social programs. security --al reached its lowest point, we had ronald reagan and tip o'neill. they came together and acted -- and congress acted -- to make social security -- into the future. -- about social -- havingand being missed solved immediately. >> watch afterwards sunday night at 9:00 eastern on c-span2's
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book tv. >> professors is for hello was used -- using examples from the war, and, civil questioning whether laws can restrain war. stories of american relations host of the one hour 45 minute event during their annual conference. >> think you for coming. thank you so much for coming. let me start by saying, this is a larger of that the conference. i am just so honored to be here as your president this year. it is really a thrill for me to be working with all of you this year. -- our bringing cochairs -- brilliant cochairs. this is one of the many events. you should want to google -- on c-span. i'm glad we have a chance to broadcast this program. two other to other viewers. i think -- you know, a classic position within the field. -- is that this isn't really what drives the policy. that idea has been questioned in the work of more recent dollars.


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